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About the Riveter

The Riveter is founded in a story that women in the workplace know well. We’ve worked hard to claim our seat at the table. In the end, we believe there is only one way for our voices to be heard, to make a difference and to create the life we want: To build a brand new — fundamentally different—table.

We invite women to take bigger risks: to write a business plan, to pitch a really smart idea, to raise her first round of venture funding, to launch a company. We’re an ally to every woman, anywhere, wherever she may find herself in her career. We’ve created a powerful network of support so she can start her second—or third—act.

Women deserve a place to define success on their own terms. This truth ignited a game-changing idea for co-founders Amy Nelson, a Wall Street corporate litigator, and Kim Peltola, a therapist. They saw an opportunity to do something big.

The Riveter is more than a desk; it is a movement. We aren’t celebrities; we are working mothers. We are not a club; we are a community of changemakers. We own businesses and build brands. We find power in our numbers and to truly amplify our voices, we share what we know and who we know with each other. We welcome everyone, including men. We want all to have a place at this brand new table.

Amy and Kim

The Team

Amy Nelson, CEO, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Amy Nelson

Co-Founder and CEO

Amy believes in the power of women helping women. She is responsible for running all aspects of The Riveter, which she co-founded after a 10 year run as a corporate litigator and political fundraiser. Amy is a graduate of Emory and NYU Law, and mother to daughters Sloane and Reese. She loves to build forts with the girls and her husband Carl. Amy is excited to welcome daughter no. 3 in September 2017.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Max Schwartz

Chief Operating Officer

Max is committed to building a better world for his daughter and all women everywhere. Max comes to The Riveter from a diverse background with startups in media, energy and environment working on a broad range of issues (financing and M&A, market expansion strategies and brand development). Max loves to garden with his children, Lyra and Koufax, or watch The Handmaid’s Tale with his wife Colleen.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Carrie Maher

VP of Business Development and Enterprise Partnerships

An ambitious seeker, Carrie is known for tackling situations with intent, excitement and meaningful outcomes. Carrie spent 12 years in business development consulting roles, helping companies grow & address their most pressing challenges. She leads The Riveter’s membership growth & marketing strategies and is “mama” to a toddler boy, Redding. When not engaged in all things Riveter, Carrie is traveling; singing & dancing with Redding and her husband Ryan; and conjuring up the next activity for her multi-media club.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Christopher Ross

VP of Real Estate and Site Development

Christopher leads the charge to find new markets and sites for The Riveter and oversees each venue’s design + buildout. Previously, he led many businesses and worked at Starbucks Coffee for over 16 years in operations and store development, where he acquired a love for experiential design and strong coffee.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Jennifer Cadence

Community and Operations Lead 

Jen is The Riveter’s Jill-of-all-trades. Previously, she worked in radio and restaurants, toured as a singer-songwriter and graduated from the University of Washington. Jen likes to read several different books at once, hike with her dog, geek out on cocktails and wine, dive with sharks or volunteer with Tilth Alliance.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Sheena Camagong

Member Experience Specialist

Sheena creates a fun and welcoming space for members at The Riveter. She is also the mother of dragons: a #magicalbabyjedi Lily and 4-year old French Bulldog, Appa. A true fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones, Sheena is a Foundation CrossFit coach in Capitol Hill and has a side hustle of freelance calligraphy.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Mandy Jankus

Member Experience Specialist

Mandy is passionate about helping The Riveter’s members feel at home and inspired while working, networking or taking a fitness class. She values communication and connection, and helps to grow the community with creativity and hospitality. Mandy is also a Certified Brene Brown Daring Way Facilitator.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Emily Kasman

Wellness Coordinator & Accounts Payable Specialist

Emily specializes in managing The Riveter’s many relationships. With a background in HR, holistic health coaching, and yoga instruction, she cares about cultivating a culture of self care that members can see, feel, and take action on. Emily likes to sleep outside, lead mindful yoga retreats, and dance till her legs are sore.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Alexandra Katz

Director of Community and Operations

A muti-passionate, Alex enjoys learning about people, crossing items off her to-do list, and seeking out charming, lesser-known establishments. A travel industry position lured her to Seattle where she was thrilled to become The Riveter’s first hire. Alex helps The Riveter create a home for connections and wellness.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Nadya Matiya

Director of Event Strategy and Social Media

Nadya brings exciting programming to the Riveter community and keeps us all up to date with what’s happening at The Riveter via social media. Nadya has her MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University, attended University of Oregon for undergrad (Go Ducks!), and loves spending time outside in the PNW.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Whit Nelson

Head of Technology

Whit Nelson is a developer who creates solutions and writes software for companies large and small. He also founded and co-owns a home brew supply shop in Chicago. Nelson holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, where he belonged to the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society.

Kim Peltola, Chief Culture Officer, Co-Founder, The Riveter

Jessica Smith

Business Development Director

Jessica’s role on the business development team is to identify, create and perform outreach campaigns to secure new markets, clients, external partnerships and events. When she’s not acting as The Riveter’s number one fan (never!), she takes time to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest wonderland she calls home.

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