The Riveter 2020: We Decide

Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand is a U.S. Senator for New York since 2009. She previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives representing New York's 20th congressional district. Prior to her career in politics, Sen. Gillibrand practiced law.

The Riveter Report

Campaign leadership positions held by women:


Appearing at The Riveter?

Senator Gillibrand is no longer running for president but has pledged to help raise funds for other women presidential candidates. We are currently rescheduled an appearance by Senator Gillibrand at The Riveter.

Would be the first woman president?


The Riveter’s 3 Questions

What’s one thing you, as a candidate, can do right now to make equity of opportunity for women a reality? 

Women all across the country have a story to share about challenges they’ve faced because of their gender identity. As a candidate, it’s my responsibility to lift up their voices. It’s what I did when I went to Georgia to bring attention to the women leading the fight against the Republican Party’s draconian abortion ban and it’s what I’ll continue to do on my campaign and as president. 

What role do men have in creating a future of gender equity?

Women just want to have a seat at the table with men. Men have the responsibility to educate themselves on the issues that impact women and still hold so many women back in society, the economy and the workplace. Then, these allies should take that knowledge and help other men understand the realities of issues like the gender pay gap or the high rates of violence that women experience, particularly indigenous and transgender women. 

Standing up for women means standing up for _____

the future of this country!

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