The Riveter 2020: We Decide

Julián Castro

Julián Castro was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama from 2014-2017. After starting his career in law, he served first as City Councilman and later Mayor of San Antonio, TX before his appointment to the cabinet.

The Riveter Report

Campaign leadership positions held by women:


Appearing at The Riveter?

Julian Castro ended his candidacy in January 2020. He has endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President.

Would be the first woman president?


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The Riveter 3 Questions

What’s one thing you, as a candidate, can do right now to make equity of opportunity for women a reality? 

JC: Equity of opportunity starts with our campaign. Two thirds of the senior staff on my campaign are women, starting at the top with my campaign manager, Maya Rupert. As measured by the Wall Street Journal, our campaign has a higher percentage of women in senior positions than any other campaign. We’ve committed — from the first day of our campaign — to equity in salaries so that everyone with the same job title is earning the same amount of money. We’re hiring people with nontraditional experience and paying interns so that women (and people of color) who haven’t traditionally been involved in politics have a path to participate at a meaningful level in our campaign. I was raised by a single mom who always carried a red purse to highlight gender pay disparities, and those life lessons are not only part of my ‘People First’ policy platform but also embedded in campaign.

What role do men have in creating a future of gender equity?

JC: Men have to be strong allies and vocal supporters. Men built these systems of patriarchy and we must be part of the solution to make our institutions more inclusive. We need to hire inclusively, open our professional networks to women, and have women at the table in making decisions. If we’re not acting affirmatively in this, we’re not disassembling the power structures that hold women back. 

Standing up for women means standing up for…

JC: Reproductive justice. Whether you’re rich or poor, Black, White, Latino, Asian American or Native American, trans or non-binary, live in a small town, suburb or big city, all women deserve access to abortions. Put simply, reproductive healthcare is an economic empowerment issue.

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