The Riveter 2020: We Decide

Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee is the governor of Washington since 2013. He previously served in the U.S. House of Representatives for Washington's 1st and 4th congressional districts from 1999-2012 and 1993-1995, respectively, following a career as an attorney and prosecutor.

The Riveter Report

Campaign leadership positions held by women:


Appearing at The Riveter?

Yes. Governor Inslee is no longer running for president but will speak at The Riveter on September 16th about the experience of running and his fight to put climate change at the center of the election.

Would be the first woman president?


The Riveter’s 3 Questions

What’s one thing you, as a candidate, can do right now to make equity of opportunity for women a reality?

JI: Candidates shouldn’t wait until they’re elected to start advancing and supporting women. We can demonstrate our commitment to gender equity on the campaign trail, by providing opportunities to women on our campaigns, providing equal pay for equal work, providing comprehensive health insurance that covers a full range of reproductive options, and being flexible to accommodate the needs of families. 

I am proud to be one of two presidential campaigns that has a woman as my Campaign Manager. It is important that candidates install more women in senior positions, because when women lead, they are more likely to help support other women and create a more equitable work environment. 

What role do men have in creating a future of gender equity?

JI: I find it deeply disappointing when people consider gender equity a “women’s issue.” It is our collective responsibility to push toward a future of gender equity, and once we achieve that future, it will be our collective responsibility to preserve it. Men need to be conscious about their support for women in and out of the workplace, recognizing that unconscious biases exist 

I am proud that as governor, I have taken major steps to advance gender equity through legislation. As governor, I signed legislation ensuring equal pay for equal work, passed a best-in-the-nation paid family leave program, and signed the country’s first reproductive parity act, preserving access to reproductive care for all women in Washington state. As president, I will continue to advance gender equity, including passing legislation to codify Roe v. Wade into law and expanding Washington state’s programs for equal pay and paid family leave, so that women are not fighting an uphill battle for equal pay and recognition in the workplace. 

Standing up for women means standing up for

JI: Equity of opportunity. We need to make sure men and women have access to the same career advancement as men. From the policy side, this means fighting for equal pay, reproductive care that gives women full control over their futures, and paid family leave that encourages both mothers and fathers to take paid time off to take care of children. From the cultural side, it means doing everything we can in our personal and professional lives to support women’s advancement. That’s why I am proud to have a woman managing my presidential campaign and to have women in many senior positions. We must lead both through policy and by example to stand up for women.

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